Hello Winter piglets

Our Gloucestershire Old Spot Sows crossed with a Duroc boar are the most delightful piglets. Playful and happy in temperament, they are the best of both worlds - the flavorful Old Spots pork, with the more muscled Duroc build.

Old Fashioned Family Values

Heritage breed livestock raised in family units. Our beef is born here and stays with pasture mates. We don't buy feeders at auction, our calves stay with their mothers on pasture for eight to ten months, and are fed nothing but grass, hay and minerals. Never any grain, GMOs, antibiotics or hormones.

The Joyful Life

Our animals mix it up in the funniest ways.

Grass is the Best Seasoning

All of our heritage breeds were selected because they are perfectly suited to our land, and our infrastructure. We favor portable structures and livestock that still remembers how to fend and forage. The American Milking Devon Cattle, the Gloucestershire Old Spots and Duroc pigs, and the Dewlap Toulouse geese are each making their own contributions to improving our soil, clearing our brush and preserving rare genetics for future generations.