One of our rosy Porterhouse chops. Very juicy and flavorful with no added flavors or brines needed. Delicious and juicy straight off the grill, never dry or tough like commodity chops.
Mmm. What could be easier than a crock pot of pork? Pulled pork is my favorite on everything - salads, baked potatoes, tortillas, sandwich buns, over a bed of pasta, noodles or slaw... no end to the usefulness.
Mmmm. Love the lean to fat ratio on the bacon.
Our hogs are born here, raised with their litter mates, and take their sweet time to mature. Never any shortcuts, hormones, GMOs or antibiotics, always small and personal.
Whole pastured hog, cut to order, vacuum packed and flash frozen

Whole pastured hog, cut to order, vacuum packed and flash frozen

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The best way to go for value and variety is to fill your freezer with a whole hog. While half a hog is a generous amount of meat, often a choice of one particular cut means you won't get another favorite. Pork butt roasts are a good example. Everyone loves pulled pork made from Pork Butt, but everyone also likes Pork Steaks and cottage bacon from the same cut. When you get a half, you pick either/or. With a whole, you get both/and. Plus more bacon. 

Our hogs have been born here and root and enjoy general mayhem with their littermates. They get a great start with at least two full months of unrestricted access to mother's milk, grains and pasture.

I favor a direct cross between two old fashioned farmstead breeds - Gloustershire Old Spot sows and a Duroc boar. They live on pasture, rotating through the woods and fields most of the year, eating  a local ration of nonGMO grain, and forage our apples and walnuts.

Our processor makes delicious classic smoked bacons and hams, mildly seasoned to allow the flavor of the pork shine. You also may have sausages made, or plain ground so you can make your own. Or, you smoker jockeys may wish to have yours fresh - meaning unsmoked and uncured - so you can make your own. The possibilities for culinary greatness are unlimited. 

No worries though, if you have no idea how you would like to have your pork cut. We will go over your options together by phone when your hog is delivered to the processor. 

Hogs are reserved with a deposit, then I schedule a delivery date to the processor. You choose the cuts you like best, packaged in the sizes you use. All meats are USDA processed and vacuum packed, flash frozen in the butcher's freezer for long freezer life. 

Price is determined by hanging weight - there is no way for me to know in advance the precise weight of a live hog. Hanging weight is weight after processing, less hide. You will have some loss during the butchering process as the butcher cuts your chops and ribs and such. I strive to reach the 225 - 250 weight - it is a nice ratio of fat to lean. You will end up with approximately 150 - 170 pounds of wrapped and frozen meats, more if you take everything. 

You can/should keep the fat from your hog - the kidney fat and back fat are easily made into superior, and more nutritious, cooking fat than can be bought at the store. I can help you get the most value from your purchase when we plan your cutting instructions. 

You will need to have 5 - 6 cubic feet of freezer space available to store a whole hog, depending on the weight of your hog, and the size of your cutting choices. Bulky roasts and hams take more space.